Affordable Lip Makeup Products

Are you constantly looking for affordable makeup that won't break the bank and without sacrificing quality? As it turns out we did all that hard work for you already!  Shop U.B.C.. is always looking for companies or manufacturers that work with the highest quality standards and can provide us with the most affordable prices just for you.  Everything on our store works as advertised and is often the best alternative to drugstore and designer products that cost much more.

We handle a wide variety of makeup products including lip makeup products for you to get a bold look or if you prefer a light creamy texture or just a clear lipgloss. Here are some of the many options you can find:

The Shop UBC Product Rundown

For as low as $1 you can take home the lip scrub from S.he makeup. This is a great starting product to buy because whatever look you are willing to get, your lips must be nourished and prepared for color. Apply enough product to your previously wet lips and gently massage them for a few seconds, rinse with warm water and immediately feel softer and beautiful lips. It’s a product you can carry with you anywhere and is only one dollar!

Now that your lips are ready to glow, let´s go with the looks.  If you are a high-shine-lover check out the Glazed Lips Color Gloss Trio by Amuse. This like-icing gloss for your lips will bring you a sheer sparkle that will deliciously revitalize your lips.  You can wear them alone or layer over your favorite lipstick to create lip dimension with a non-sticky feeling. 

Lip-liners are a must if you look to define your lips, especially if you are wearing waterproof lipstick. Our Makeup Lip Liner & Load by S.he will do exactly that. Plus there is the added benefit of hydrating your lips due because these items include vitamin E in their formula. Don’t forget that we have a nice selection of colors for you to choose from.

How you take the lipstick off is actually a very important part of your daily routine.  If you tend to use long-lasting lip makeup products or waterproof products, having the right lip makeup remover will ease this job. The Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover from S.he will easily remove any lip makeup you are using in a simple step. Remember our customer service is always available if you have a question or comment on any of our products.

These and many more lip makeup products are available just a click away, with the most affordable prices and the best quality in just one place here at Shop U.B.C.

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