Build your own affordable makeup kits.

There are infinite options of product cosmetics out there and that´s why Makeup Kits will always be a very helpful and affordable option to complete your makeup and cosmetic daily routine. Why? Because kits include two or more cosmetic or makeup products in the same box or set. This way you won´t have to buy each product separately and Makeup Kits are usually focused on one specific area. Let´s see some examples:

Eyebrow Kits by Amuse includes a wide range of products.  In fact at our store you can find everything you need to keep your eyebrows looking stylish with pricing as low as $1 for items like our the Amuse Metal Tweezers.  We also sell tone kits that come with an applicator.  If you are someone who always uses the same tone for your brows and leaves the rest of the product without use this is the perfect time to start using the other shades as eyeshadow. Eyebrow kits usually have three different shades for a same color skin so they will match you perfectly.

We strongly recommend that you get Highlighters and Contours Kits, if you buy them separately, you will have to consider getting at least 3 independent products and that could be very expensive. The Sun Bronze Color & Highlighter Kit by Amuse has 4 different shades that will add a touch of radiance to your face. This kit´s formula is very easy to blend and will provide you with a nice highlight and contour.

If you want to create your own kits, you have arrived at the right place! Our Affordable Makeup and Cosmetic Shops like Shop UBC. is the perfect place to do so, you can take advantage of their promotions like Free Shipping if you buy a specific amount of products which usually won´t be more than $50. Besides, specialty stores like this one, take special care on offering high-quality makeup and cosmetics at very affordable prices for as low as $1, so what are you waiting to start creating your own Makeup Kits!

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