Hair Pins & Styling for $1

The most trendy and beautiful hair accessories everyone is using nowadays are hair pins. They were once meant to keep hair supported and in place, but recently they turned into a key and important hair accessory, as important as the pair of shoes you wear!

This is the moment of hair pins! A decorative snaps black that can turn your outfit from a casual or boring style to a trendy, eye-catching option that will make you stand out. Styles that go from easy to elaborate, it's time to get your pins for any season!

All these must-have hair pins are here at Shop UBC where you will find many options like bobby pins, decorative pins with flowers, stones, and also elastic headbands that will keep your hair not only neat but so stylish and trendy for as low as $1.

UBC has the hottest, trendy fashion options for a value you cannot miss. hair pins are flattering on everyone, if you don´t believe us, take it from the accessory expert “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit,” Michael Kors.

Hair accessories are really easy to incorporate to any style you look for, headed to lunch? Shopping day? Having a coffee with your friends? Well, a hairpin will add a touch of personality to any casual look making it absolutely pic-worthy!

Simply have fun with the many options you can find in our collections, the best part of it is you don't have to spend hundreds, you can get as many options as you want for less. Mix and match your colors, textures and gather your hair with a couple of pins, one under another to get that look!

So let's get pinned this season girls!

Visit our online store and get amazed by the many options we have prepared for you! Breath-taking styles at a compelling


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