How to use Concealer and look fabulous


Concealer is one of the key products that help you get flawless, even-toned, perfect skin. But believe it or not, so many people still make common mistakes while applying it. Wearing concealer incorrectly can make you look older, it can make your wrinkles look deeper, and could even make your dark circles look darker. If you want to avoid all the above, let us give you some quick tips on how to use Concealer correctly.

First of all, you have to focus on your specific needs and ask yourself the question, what do you want to use Concealer for? People use concealer for different reasons that can be from correcting blemishes, dark circles, hide pimples, or to get more light to your face among others. So, focus on your needs and then go to the next step.

Finding your correct skin tone

You don't want to use a very light concealer if you don't want the final result to look odd and very obvious. Instead, try looking for a concealer that is just one or two tones under your skin tone. The easiest way to do this is by checking your foundation tone, then look for two lighter tones of the same brand and that is how light your concealer should be. 

What goes first, Concealer or Foundation? Well, to be honest, that entirely depends on you, some experts use either of these first but our recommendation is to do it yourself and decide which one looks better on you. It can also be a matter of what the issue is? For example, if your problem is dark eyes, it might be better if you apply makeup or foundation and at the end, just gently dab the concealer into your skin, do not rub it or you can ruin your foundation. 

For hiding pimples or blemishes, experts recommend using Concealer before applying foundation, they also recommend getting a lighter tone than the one you use for dark eyes. This procedure takes longer steps so take your time, use an applicator or small brush and just go spot by spot until you cover all blemishes completely, then gently apply foundation with little taps on your skin, try not to mix them or blend them too much or Concealer can lose effect. 

We hope these quick tips can help you improve your makeup technique and remember you can get all the Concealer tones you need at Shop UBC starting at $1

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