Makeup Trends for 2021

Last year was a game changer for everyone and everything including Makeup Trends for 2021. Why? Because during most of 2020 we spent most of our times at home, wearing less makeup or no makeup at all, some had to cut their own hair, forget about the nails, spa treatments, or going to the salon at least once a month.

Why 2021 Makeup Is An All New Think

But all that is over now, we are now facing a new 2021 with more optimistic eyes. Of course we still have to adapt to those changes by wearing face masks and carrying our antibacterial gel, etc. And that's where many Makeup Trends come in because we will be adapting to this “new normal”.


Let´s start with the obvious… the Eyes! As we are going to be using facemask for a while, colorful eyes have been more popular these days than ever. Another way to accentuate your beautiful eyes is to use bold eyeshadows (which are in style). To prepare your colorful palettes like S.he Makeup 9 Color Eyeshadow or if you are not into bright colors, you can stick with a S.he Makeup 15 Color Eyeshadow Palette which is a Neutral one.



Nothing is more practical and trendy for the eyes like big eyelashes! 3D Effect are the Makeup Trend for 2021 is a favorite. Shop U.B.C. stocks a wide variety of eyelashes for all lengths and taste. If you want your eyes to stand out, try #28 Eyelashes 3D Effect by Amour Us you will love them.



Nails are also important to complete our looks, Makeup Trends for 2021 predict a more natural style, going for almond or round shaped nails and color them with neutral colors like Natural Nail Polish by Nabi Cosmetics. 


Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a must for your Makeup Trend looks, garnish your hair with a cool Belz Style Hair Barrette or a Paisley Hairband, whether your hair is loose or pony tailed, consider adding a touch of style with a cool hair accessory, thousands of options are out there.

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