What About Our Hair Ties?

What About Our Hair Ties?


Hair ties have become so popular this year that Pinterest reported a rise of more than 2,000% saves over the past year! So, whether you are simply running or jogging or you are getting ready for a fancy dinner with your better half, what you put on your head should matter.

Spiral ties, long white ties, or blue mini ties, no matter what your choice is, these practical accessories will spice up any outfit. This affordable accessory has become a trending touch for all ages and all styles, from the most stylish women to the most charming kid. We see runways full of ponytails embellished with colorful, vibrant, and eye-catching hair ties. They are now everywhere!

Popular $1 Hair Ties

The variety of options are endless, from a simple multicolor mini rubber band to a fancy long-tail hairband with solid colors or joyful prints, you can easily find your style. One of the most searched items this season is clearly the wired hair ties, metallic colors are people's choice number one! And you can find online in our UBC Store https://shopubc.com/collections/hair-ties/products/hair-ties-metal-color-4-pieces

This fresh and nostalgic style is a favorite for many people, for some young ones it's a total novelty! What they don´t know is this hair trend existed long before they were even born, when low-rise jeans and platform shoes were a hit. But this is how fashion trends rise and gain popularity once and again. The revival of hair ties is a must-have for everyone, and we must have seen it coming.

Take advantage of this affordable trend and get all the hair ties you wish only by clicking this link to our online store. You will find a wide variety of styles, colors, and forms for the best price ever! The toughest decision you will have to make is what color to choose from! https://shopubc.com/collections/hair-ties

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