Why You Should Always Buy Cruelty-Free Cosmetics?


Cruelty-free is fairly simple. When you see the product label, it means that the product was not tested on animals. Let’s talk about the topic a little bit and see what it has to do with you as the consumer.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

What does animal testing mean?

The animal testing industry is an important part of testing for many cosmetics companies.

First, the animals are sourced and are usually brought in from pounds where they are tested on by scientists. The animals are usually alive in order to accomplish imitating real life. The scientists often inject chemicals and lotions in order to test reactions. Any part, including eyes and ears, are tested by the scientist and are considered when testing. After testing the product, the scientists often don’t even help the animal and never console it either. They will often continue to give it the chemicals to see its symptoms and come up with safety recommendations for humans. Most of the time, the animal succumbs and dies from the chemicals. The animal is disregarded and often discarded by a member of the lab’s staff.


Is animal testing even necessary?

Unfortunately, testing animals is not necessary at all. It has become a way to add a billion-dollar process to the industry. With cruelty free products, they are tested beforehand but never with cruelty to animals. Different government organizations including the FDA, get involved in order to make sure that the product is ready for human use. Since many of these cruelty free products are made with natural ingredients, there is nothing for the consumer to fear. You definitely don’t need to test it animals to ensure the products safety, and luckily this is one of our goals at Shop UBC.


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