Amuse Eyeshadow Primer
These Amuse Eyeshadow Primers come in Blank Canvas & Clean Slate. Creamy Dry matte [custom tab]Apply before eyeshadow for brighter pigment and long lasting effect[/custom tab]
Amuse Gold Foundation Primer
Amuse Gold Foundation Primer Primes and moisturizes skin and gives a radiant, glowing finish Nourishing and Vitamin Enhanced Pump BottleIncludes Essence, Butylhydroxyanisole, Tocopherol Acetate, (Vitamin E)
S.he Makeup Primer Oil
S.he Makeup Primer Oil It has a camellia extract that is a ultra lightweight formula that reduces the appearance of dry skin Preps your skin for makeup application
Amuse Color Correcting Face Primer
Apply your makeup with these oil-free Amuse primers that will neutralize, balance paleness of your time or get rid of redness. It will definitely give you a healthy and fresh look!     
S.he Oil-Control Primer Spray
Put on a fresh face with S.he Oil-Control Primer Spray. Paraben-free and infused with aloe vera, it helps keep the skin looking and feeling soft. Just a few spritzes and the long--lasting primer will lock in your makeup.
S.he Makeup Argan Oil Primer
S.he Makeup Argan Oil Primer is enriched with Argan Oil that nourishes and restores dehydrated skin.It provides priming and hydrating benefits that beautify the skin.
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