Amuse "Smokey Eyes" Eyeshadows
Amuse "Smokey Eyes" Eyeshadow 12 colors to choose from Net weight 3g
Amuse 10 - Color Eyeshadow Palette
Bring out eye color and enhance eye shape with this Amuse 10 - Color Eyeshadow Palette. 3 themes to choose from; Romance, Passion, Electronic.
Amuse 15 Color Eyeshadow Kit
The Amuse 15 Color Eyeshadow kit has brought together the most beautiful colors together.
Amuse 2 in 1 Foundation & Concealer
Multitask using our Amuse 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer! We recommend you use our $1 blenders to blend it out. Comes in six colors; Ivory, Buff, Light, Sand, Carame, Dark [custom tab] Apply a dime-sized amount of the foundation with fingertips or a...
Amuse 4 Color Blusher Palette
Amuse 4 Color Blusher Matte & Shimmer
Amuse Artist Palette
The Amuse Artist Palette comes with quality makeup shades that are easy to build and blend. 
Amuse Blending Sponge
The blending sponge gives your liquid foundation a flawless foundation look. The sponge is made for a variety of cosmetics. It can be used either wet or dry. Its pointy ends are made for the eyes and nose and the...
Amuse Brush Cleaning Spray
The Amuse Brush Cleaning spray will quickly remove any powder colors from your brushes and will disinfect your brush too! After using your brush, spray the brush bristles and gently wipe the brush onto a cloth to remove the color powder or makeup. 
Amuse Color Correcting Face Primer
Apply your makeup with these oil-free Amuse primers that will neutralize, balance paleness of your time or get rid of redness. It will definitely give you a healthy and fresh look!     
Amuse Creamy Matte Lipstick
Amuse Creamy Matte Lipstick gives you a burst of creamy lip color and an increase in creamy texture. It will add a classy finish to your makeup look. Comes in 12 colors.
Amuse Eye Brow Kit
Amuse Eye Brow Kit 3 colors to choose from
Amuse Eyebrow Kit
Amuse Eyebrow Kit 2 versions to choose from Having trouble with your eyebrow. Don't know how to create the shape you want. This eyebrow kit from Amuse is perfect if you are having a hard time shaping your eyebrows. The set comes...
Amuse Eyeshadow Palette
The Amuse Eyeshadow Palette will bring out your eye color and enhance your eye shape! It comes in three sets of six colors. 
Amuse Eyeshadow Perfect Duo
Amuse Eyeshadow Perfect Duo will give you a stunning look! 6 Different Color In Each Set 3 Sets to choose from
Amuse Eyeshadow Primer
These Amuse Eyeshadow Primers come in Blank Canvas & Clean Slate. Creamy Dry matte [custom tab]Apply before eyeshadow for brighter pigment and long lasting effect[/custom tab]
Amuse Fine Line Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner
Amuse Fine Line Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner  Dries Fast &Waterproof Long lasting & doesn't smudge 1 piece
Amuse Flawless Liquid Foundation
The Flawless liquid foundation will give you that fresh and clean look. Choose from six different shades!Can be used as a concealer as well
Amuse Full Coverage Foundation
The Amuse Full Coverage Foundation comes in four different colors. 
Amuse Glimmer Pot Eyeshadow
Amuse Glimmer Pot Eyeshadow 6 Different Colors To Choose 1) Frosted 2) Twinkle 3) Guilty 4) 24 K 5)Copper Bung 6) Gilded Fudge
Amuse Gloss Addiction - Clear Lipgloss
Add a gorgeous look to your lips with this Amuse Gloss Addiction. Wear it over another color or on your bare lips for a beautiful look!
Amuse Gold Foundation Primer
Amuse Gold Foundation Primer Primes and moisturizes skin and gives a radiant, glowing finish Nourishing and Vitamin Enhanced Pump BottleIncludes Essence, Butylhydroxyanisole, Tocopherol Acetate, (Vitamin E)
Amuse High Shine Highlight
The 4-color Amuse High Shine Highlight has a soft formula that can easily blend and be worn.
Amuse Long Lasting Mascara
These Amuse Long Lasting Mascara will immediately make your eyelashes look longer. Choose from six bottle colors!*All the mascaras are the same, only bottle color is different
Amuse Long Lasting Matte Press Powder
Amuse Long Lasting Matte Pressed Powder Mirror and Sponge Applicator included 4 shades to choose from
Amuse Matte Brow Pencil & Brush
The Amuse Matte brow pencil has an ultra-fine point that allows you to imitate hairs to extend your brows. It is a dual brow brush & pencil and is long-lasting.
Amuse Matte Finish Foundation
Amuse Matte Finish Foundation Pick from 12 shades, from fair to dark!
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