Shop UBC INC is a company headquartered in the City of Vernon, California. With more than 20 years experience in the business. We have envisioned fashion hair accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, winter items and general merchandise where you will always find a new concept in accessories, innovation and tendencies.

Our decision to take this route and enter the world of retail cosmetics, makeup, and hair accessories was after speaking to hundreds of professionals and consumers and deciding that an outlet like Shop UBC would be necessary for the millions of women who don't want to empty their wallets out on cosmetics and hair accessories. We believe in providing quality products and services. We have hired fashion consultants from across the spectrum to help us determine the best and hottest styles in every market in order to achieve our $1 makeup price for most products. 

The company's name is Shop UBC, UBC is short for Unlimited Beauty Care. 

Shop UBC, is known for its extensive selections of fashions and designs for babies, girls, ladies and also involves directly the care of your beauty. Our compromised to give you excellence in the service, We offer you quality, reasonable prices because we are completely sure that once you try our product your concept of beauty will be unlimited.

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