Behind the scene

Proudly started in Los Angeles, u.b.c prides itself on being affordable while providing top quality. Our decision to take this route and enter the world of retail cosmetics, makeup, and hair accessories was after speaking to hundreds of professionals and consumers and deciding that an outlet like Shop UBC would be necessary for the millions of women who don't want to empty their wallets out on cosmetics and hair accessories. We believe in providing quality products and services. We have hired fashion consultants from across the spectrum to help us determine the best and hottest styles in every market in order to achieve our $1 makeup price for most products.

Everything is $1.

Although most of our items are priced at $1, we take pride in the fact that our hair accessories and cosmetics are provided by suppliers that work tirelessly to make sure all products are of high quality.

New Arrivals, Broad Selection.

We have a variety of hair accessories to provide to different styles, tastes, skin tones, and trends.

World-Class Customer Care

Shop U.B.C’s team of makeup artists and beauty experts are here to help you. If you ever need any kind of assistance in picking a hair clip, scrunchie, eyeliner, or you just need someone to talk to, feel free to send us a message.
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